May 12, 2010

Uncovered Beauty

Last week’s reopening of the Redeux garage after the long winter was a great success. Many friends from last year stopped by and quite a few new faces were drawn to the shop when they saw the activity going on inside. Seeing you all, having a chat and sometimes having a cup of tea is really part of the fun at Redeux.

Lately, we’ve had quite a few folks asking about queen sized bed frames. Since they are the most popular bed size in the U.S. today, most folks hold on to them or pass them down. Thus, we see less of them on the secondary market. Twin size beds are very commonly found for a variety of reasons. But, the main reason that Redeux does not usually have them is that they are too “new”. The Simmons Company introduced the first standardized queen sized mattress in 1958. At Redeux we have “vintage” furniture. I’d like to keep thinking that vintage still means older than me! The Redhead has her own thoughts on that.

Just acquired is an interesting little make-up table with chair. It is made mostly of pine and has a lovely golden patina of a natural finish. Made by “Aristo-Bilt” furniture, one of the first and best made “self-assembled” furniture companies in the USA. Introduced in 1941, the “Aristo-Bilt” brand was first registered in 1947. This was likely due to being engaged in other manufacturing during the war years. Aristo-Bilt remained a popular and sought after furniture line through the 1950’s or so. This piece is in overall wonderful condition with a minor flaw at the bottom of one leg – the likely result of someone’s or something’s teething. This piece should be ready by next week.

Completed this week is a really nice cabinet / bookcase. When first found, it was black with age and grime and had some unsightly scratches on the top. It appeared to be mahogany but it was difficult to tell. Well, after stripping off the old varnish and grime and some very judicious sanding of the deep scratches (I avoid sanding on real antiques and important pieces and use this method sparingly on some vintage furniture), a real little beauty was uncovered. The mahogany has a beautiful patina and an unexpected raised detail appliqué of what seems to be burled maple highlights the front on either side of the glass door. A light stain was added to bring out the beauty of both wood types and small castor wheels were added on the bottom for additional functionality. The piece was then given a hand-waxed finish. Lovely!

This week Redeux will be open from
11:00 A.M. until 5:30 P.M. Wednesday through Friday.
This Saturday we will be open only until 12:00 noon.

I hope to see you soon!


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